Graham Downes Legacy

Graham Downes Architecture, Inc. Graham T. Downes

Graham Downes Architecture, Inc. was founded by international architect Graham T. Downes in 1994. The creative agency was known for innovative solutions for retail, hospitality, entertainment and urban mixed-use projects, such as Neuhaus Ateliers, Tower 23 Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, Padre Hotel, Gang Kitchen, BASIC, Blue Hound, THIN, Hivehaus, Quicksilver, Sauvage, Love Culture and Charlotte Russe.

For over twenty-five years, Graham Trouncer Downes (Basher to his closest friends), pushed the limits of conventions of the Bauhaus movement; advancing a legacy of architecture and design that infused energy, excitement and a joie de vivre into otherwise pedantic retail, hospitality and commercial projects.  Raised in South Africa, Downes brought an international perspective to the San Diego design arena.  In 1994, with meager resources, he launched his own design studio:  a ‘haus’ culture for the many ‘Bobs’ and ‘Bettys’ soon to pass through its unrestricted spaces.  Major retail clients were soon followed by owners and developers with hospitality, health club and mixed use projects.  Throughout the years, under Graham’s tutelage, young designers and architects from all over the world learned their craft, honed their skills and fostered the ‘haus’ culture.

Graham pushed boundaries for more deliberate and powerful solutions at every scale with the common objective to activate and enliven every environment for enhanced user experience.  He was a master at our profession through relentless study of all types of environments and spaces.  Through this rigor he achieved a multitude of incredible projects for our amazing clients.  These projects will live on and be a legacy of his body of work.

Graham departed this life on April 21, 2013.  Though Graham Downes Architecture will no longer exist as the ‘haus’ it once was, Graham leaves a legacy of innovative and exceptional designers to carry-on his vision and advance the Bauhaus way.  We will remember him for his passion for design, his unfaltering integrity, his thirst for knowledge and his lust of life.